Working in A Small Living Room

If you have a small living room, it might seem like there’s just not enough space to do anything with the family or be comfortable while enjoying time in your home. There are a few remodeling ideas and decorating ideas that you can use to make the room look larger and become a larger space. Many of the ideas that you can use don’t involve spending a lot of money and are easy to complete with the help of a remodeling contractor.

One way that you can give the illusion of more space is to put two mirrors on the wall with some kind of division between them. Position the furniture so that it’s in front of the mirrors. The reflection of the furniture and decorations in the mirrors will make the space appear as though it’s doubled in size. One large mirror is also an idea if you don’t have the wall space for two mirrors.

Another way that you can make a small living appear larger is to use lighter colors and blended patterns. A contractor can paint the walls in a lighter color before designs are added that add depth to the room. Place a circular mirror over the couch for more depth in the room instead of removing a wall or adding a recessed area for storage space. Don’t be afraid to combine two or three different patterns in the room, such as flowers and stripes. This will give you more to work with in the room when you’re decorating, and it will also make it seem like there are more areas of the room that are being used instead of a simple small space.

One of the ways that a contractor can help with a living room remodeling project is by making over the ceiling. Tall windows work well with a coffered ceiling. The design has an elegant look and will make the room feel like there’s more space because there are areas that are recessed, similar to a grid. Use light colors on the ceiling with a darker shade in the recessed areas, such as white with blue in the background.